Asian Special – February 28, 2020 $60 plus tax

The Blind Angler is excited to present a very special and unique Asian meal on Feb 28th This is a traditionally crafted meal, with several exotic, unifying flavours and ingredients. The three courses present a combination of Asian dishes and techniques not available anywhere else in the Okanagan Valley. You will enjoy subtle tastes, with many layers of flavour, prepared by a uniquely skilled and experienced Asian chef. She will be available to answer your questions, and explain the dishes and their significance.

Kuih Pie Tee (aka “overturned top hat”)
Kuih Pie Tee is a Malaysian & Singaporean crispy thin pastry cup shell reversed “top hat” filled with a savoury, sweet mixture of Chinese turnips (jicama), carrots, and prawns.

Rendang was voted the most delicious food in the world by more than 35,000 readers of CNN Travel in a poll in 2011.
It’s an extravagantly rich dish that takes time and patience to slow cook…simmering under low heat. Spicy, rich and creamy-stewed in lots of spices and coconut milk. Prawns with toasted grated coconut and curry leaves.

Malaysian butter prawns
An exquisite dish prepared with a combination of 2 major Indian and Malaysian ingredients: fresh curry leaves, and “kerisik” – fresh grated coconut. Pan-toast until golden brown.

Kunyit (turmeric) fried chicken with curry leaves
The chicken is marinated 1-2 days with spices and seasoning for superb results. Fried with fresh curry leaves, this creates a wonderfully fragrant, deep golden brown chicken with a vibrant yellow hue, and a slightly crunchy texture

Blue Basmati Rice
A unique Malaysian dish. The natural blue colour is from the edible Butterfly-pea flower

A Chinese-style cold marinated cucumber salad that is flavourful and very addictive.
The smashing process cracks the skin, helps release the seeds and splits the flesh into appealing craggy pieces.

The finale! Dessert: Mochi

Filled with chocolate, preserved ginger, 100% natural palm sugar and covered with desiccated coconut.

Price: $60.00 per person, plus tax

Reservations: Call 250 767 9264 to reserve. 2 seatings available.

Specials Menu

2 Can Dine - $54.99

This includes: two featured entreés, 1/2 litre of our house red or white wine. *no substitutions or modifications. Special offered until April 30.

EVERY FRIDAY - $30/plate

Includes mashed potatoes, gravy & sautéed seasonal vegetables.*no take out* Special offered until April 30.

SUNDAYS - $17.99


*Chef’s Creation*

*no to go containers**eat in only**no substitutions or modifications*

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